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How family and friends can support a patient after discharge

The support of family and friends can be crucial in helping a patient after hospital discharge. The Gather Group app has incorporated a number of research-based factors that have been identified as key ways family and friends can help, and combined them into a simple and easy to use app. The Gather Group app can […]

The essential role of social support in managing depression

One of the more challenging situations for mental health clinicians is working with patients whose poor mental health has sucked from them the motivation or energy to make the behavioural changes required to improve their health. The patient knows what they need to do – but the symptoms of their illness make it almost impossible […]

Care plans: Why are they so hard to stick to?

Research suggests that many people struggle to stick to their care plans. A review of studies on adherence to medical treatments found that adherence rates ranged from 30% to 80% depending on the condition and the treatment plan, with an average adherence rate of 50%. (1) That is not great news for patients whose health […]

Addressing social isolation for both the patient and their carer

Human beings are designed to be social. It has been essential to our survival as a species. Throughout our evolutionary history, humans have lived in groups, and our ability to cooperate and communicate with others has allowed us to accomplish tasks that would have been impossible for us to do alone. Social connection provides us […]

How does ‘nudge psychology’ improve outcomes for patients?

Nudge psychology, also known as behavioural economics, is a field of study that explores how people make decisions and how they can be influenced to make better choices. It draws on insights from psychology, economics, and neuroscience to design interventions that “nudge” individuals towards particular behaviours without restricting their freedom of choice. We all know […]

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