Gather Group for Insurers

Next-generation member engagement during the care journey

Improve the value-based care your members receive through a branded app that enables additional support and guidance during a health crisis.

As the burden of clinical care shifts to home, the Gather Group app helps to ensure that your members are fully equipped to manage care needs that will no longer be addressed when outside the hospital setting - and for their personal care networks to be able to respond to adverse events with confidence.

Quality out-of hospital care and rehabilitation must consider other social determinants of health. Care coordination, health monitoring, health literacy, emotional support and personal connection must all be addressed to ensure the best outcomes.

Together, we can empower your members to navigate their care and recovery journey with confidence.

Empower members to make higher-value care decisions

The Gather Group app empowers both the patient and their personal care network with customised education, information and tools to self-manage the practical, emotional and informational support and care required.

Improve care quality and increase member satisfaction

Using real-time member check-ins, personal care networks are provided with guidance to optimise care before any adverse events.

Personalised engagement to build
your brand equity

As a value-added service to your existing benefits, the Gather Group app can be branded and promoted consistently to existing members and new audiences who are part of the personal care network.

Reduce the risk of avoidable claims

Through up-front support and care screening, current needs are identified as well as risk factors that might place the patient at greater risk of distress in the future.

Gather Group Patient App

The Gather Group app gives clients access to a range of features that enable safe and successful management of care needs within the home.

Fully White Labelled Solution

Strengthen your brand image with customised user interface and data insights to meet your organisation’s needs. With our solution you will get a faster time to market with a lower initial investment.

Customised Onboarding

Tailor the onboarding process to meet the informational needs of your organisation.

Maintenance and Support

All app changes, security updates and bug fixes are managed for you.

Network Builder

Maximise the care available at home, and improving adherence, by making it simple to invite personal networks.

Care Plan

Customised supportive care needs screening takes place at signup to identify risk factors and inform a personalised ‘supportive care plan’.

Care Coordination

A transparent support and care calendar enables care networks to view upcoming appointments and select care tasks they can complete.
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Reminder Notifications

Enhance the patient and carer experience and improve their ability to self-manage through real time reminders for care management.

Trackers and Check-ins

Regular risk assessments (PROMs) inform personal networks about the status of the patient and trigger education and guidance from clinical experts to address changing needs at home.
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Health Alerts

Real time adverse event detection to your healthcare team.

Health Education

Targeted education based on the needs of the patient serves to ‘upskill’ personal networks - building their caring confidence and the quality of care they provide.
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A shared communication channel that is controlled by an administrator and managed within folders for easy access to patient information and medical updates.
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Care Guides

Easy access to personalised guidance from our care team.

Customer Care Platform

Insurers are given access to the extra functions which monitor and report for powerful data analysis.



Data insights to improve future health service provision
Health Alerts Icon

Health Alerts

Real time adverse event notification
Personalised connection

Personalised connection

Targeted network specific communication to optimise support and connection.

“I live alone. The app helped me recover from surgery with the help of friends while being able to stay in my own home”

- Car accident survivor

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