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Annie is a parent to two young girls, aged 5 and 9.

Her husband died from a car accident 5 years ago leaving her a sole parent.

When diagnosed with breast cancer she was overwhelmed with fear at the thought of leaving her children orphaned.

Annie had friends around her that had offered to help – but she had not taken them up on their offers and, as the impact of the chemotherapy began to take hold, she found herself unable to manage the everyday tasks of looking after her girls and running the household.

Understanding Annie’s situation, her breast care nurse provided her with information about Gather Group technology.

Annie tells the story of how she went to bed with her iPad one evening feeling completely overwhelmed. She set up her account and listed all of the help she needed over the coming 8 weeks – meals for the girls, help with the laundry, transport for the kids to school and activities and a companion to come with her to chemotherapy treatments. She sent an invitation to the people in her network who may be able to help and went to sleep.

In the morning, she woke to find that every task she had listed had been accepted. She had a full calendar of support from the people in her own network – and many were sending her messages requesting that she add more tasks so they could offer even more help.

In the space of 12 hours, Annie went from feeling isolated, overwhelmed and alone to feeling completely supported.

This is the power of our technology.

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