Category: User Stories

Annie – parent with cancer

Annie is a parent to two young girls, aged 5 and 9. Her husband died from a car accident 5 years ago leaving her a sole parent. When diagnosed with breast cancer she was overwhelmed with fear at the thought of leaving her children orphaned. Annie had friends around her that had offered to help […]

Sabina – living with depression

Sabina had been struggling with her mental health for a while – but it was an incident at work that triggered her ‘breakdown’ and sent her in to a deep depression. Unable to return to work, Sabina was placed on sick leave. Living alone and struggling to get out of bed in the morning, Sabina’s […]

Tracey – car accident survivor living alone

Tracey was involved in a serious car accident. After weeks recuperating in hospital, she returned home with her leg in a brace. It was a big brace that ran from the tip of her toes to the base of her hip. Tracey described herself as being “in pretty bad state. I could not weight bear […]

Steven – parent of a child with a disability

I met Steven* while working at a hospital in Brisbane. We met because his young son Andy* had been born with serious health, intellectual and developmental issues. Now 5 years old, Andy was a very sick boy. He could not move, eat or breathe without help and required around the clock care – which was […]

Maggie – husband paralysed in an accident

Maggie’s husband was involved in a hit and run accident on the outskirts of Brisbane. He had many injuries – the most serious was damage to his lower spinal cord that left him paralysed from the chest downwards. He was immediately airlifted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital where he stayed for 2 weeks before being […]

Lisa – carer for elderly parents

Lisa lives in rural Victoria. She is in her mid-50’s, works as a teacher and has three children living at home. Over the past 5 years, she has also been the main carer for her ageing parents who live in the same town. Despite having 4 siblings living close by, Lisa – by default – […]

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